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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will SupremeHost.Net register my domain name for me?

No. All of our clients need to register their domain name on their own. It is better for you to have 100% control over your domain name instead of us. If you're looking for affordable and reliable domain registrar, you can take a look at or or any registrar of your choice.



2. Does SupremeHost.Net accepts international domain name?

Yes, we are able to host domain names from any country around the world.



3. What kind of support does SupremeHost.Net offer?

We encourage our customers to send us a support request via our support section. Email support is around-the-clock with technical emergencies being addressed first and support issues handled in the order they are received.


Please Note:

We provide technical support for hosting issues only - we cannot provide help with HTML syntax, Web site design, CGI programming problems, database architecture or other issues not directly related to the hosting services we provide. However please drop a questions to us at support section if you encounter any problem where you think our help is needed.



4. How long does it takes to set up an account?

SupremeHost.Net will have your account up within 15 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how many order we receive at the moment. You will receive an email once your account has been set up.



5. How do I transfer my domain to SupremeHost.Net?

You can initiate the process by logging into your domain registrar account and redirecting your name server to our name server. Please refer to the activation email for details.


If you are unable to change your domain or have no technical knowledge of how to do so, please contact our support team and we will get it done on your behalf.


Once the name sever has been redirected, your domain name would be able to retrieve data from our server within 24-72 hours.



6. What kind of web sites am I NOT allowed to host?

Basically, we do not allow the hosting of:

a. Adult Site

b. MP3 or Warez

c. Game Server

e. IRC



7. What about SPAM?

SupremeHost.Net does not allow any Reseller or its customer to send out UCE or SPAM. We have zero tolerance policy on SPAM. If you have reseller account with us, please do not provide hosting account(s) to bulk emailers' or spammers. Please see the details on our terms and conditions page.


Most of the details regarding Control Panel, FTP, SSH, Frontpage, Email Settings, etc will be provided in your activation email after sign up. However, if you have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us and we are happy to assist you.



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